Sunday, January 3

Pics from yesterday

After typing my post last night Ron and I decided that we needed to clean up our room, get the gifts in order, and watch a couple of movies. Well.... upon Ron's suggestion we decided to just lay down for 15 minutes before we started. Needless to say... we never got up! We fell asleep around 6:00 and woke up about 3:30. I stayed in bed until about 5:00 and then couldn't take it anymore and got up. Ron is now on his way to Duncan Doughnuts.

Here are some pictures from yesterday...

Leaving our house for the airport.

Leaving NY

After landing in Seoul.


Our Korean barbecue.

We leave in 2 hours to meet our girl!!!


Jay and Emily said...

I am so glad you posted this. I keep checking in every few hours to see if you have an update. Right now, you must be with Eden. I am overwhelmed with excitement. Glad to hear you got some rest. Loved the pics. Please try, if your not too tired, to post again tonight. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Pictures are wonderful! Thank you for posting. You both look beautiful.