Wednesday, July 23

Our Paperwork Is Expiring

Just received an e-mail today from our adoption agency reminding us that our I171H (permission from the US government to adopt an orphan) will be expiring in a little over a month. This required and very expensive piece of paper is good for 18 months. Thankfully we get one "free" extension. However, we will still need to pay $400 for a homestudy update through our social worker and all new supporting documents (letters from our employers, letters from our doctor, financial statements, police clearances, references, etc.). Looks like I am back to making phone calls and appointments. UGH. The kicker is that this new I171H will expire as well. I know that we will not receive a referral and travel within the next 18 months. I really don't know why I am doing this!!!!!! However, our social worker and agency advise that we keep everything up to date. I am going to play by the rules, continue to jump through hoops, cross my T's and dot my i's, and hopefully one day we will bring our daughter home.

Saturday, July 19

Yesterday's Conversation

Here is a little excerpt from a conversation Luca and I had on our way home from the mall yesterday....

Luca is singing the "Yoda" song by Weird Al when he suddenly stops.

Luca... "Mommy, where did you buy me and Adrian?"
Me.... "I didn't buy you. You grew in my belly,"
Luca.... "What did you eat?"
Me.... "I didn't eat anything to make you grow in there."
Luca... "Then how did I get in your belly?"
Me...... "God put you in my belly."
Luca... "Who is God?"

I then went on to talk about why we go to church and who we talk to when we say our prayers. I then started singing the Yoda song and thankfully he joined in.

Wednesday, July 16

15 Months

Today marks 15 months in our wait for Eden.

Thursday, July 3

Barefoot Boy

The Barefoot Boy
by John Greenleaf Whittier (1855)

Blessings on thee, little man,
Barefoot boy, with cheek of tan!
With thy turned-up pantaloons,
And thy merry whistled tunes;
With thy red lip, redder still
Kissed by strawberries on the hill;
With the sunshine on thy face,
Through thy torn brim’s jaunty grace;
From my heart I give thee joy,—
Blessings on thee, barefoot boy!