Thursday, August 30

Gifts from Eden

There are many hardships, stresses, and emotions involved with adoption. I have had some pretty down days just wishing she could be here with me, frustrated with China and how long it is taking for referrals, angry at how no one can tell me WHEN I will have her in my arms, and sad to think of how many Christmas mornings and other celebrations we will have without her. I realize that I need to step back and look at all the blessings she has brought into my life during this whole crazy process. I continue to be amazed at how our Eden has already changed our lives for the better. She has filled my heart with so much love, has brought an awareness about the world that I hadn't had before, strengthened my faith, and brought wonderful people into my life. My sweet daughter, who has not even been born, has given me so much. She has brought out such thoughtfulness and generosity from friends and loved ones. We have received so many kind gifts and cards.... some from people we have never even met. Yes, I still get down about the wait. That hole in my heart is hard to bear sometimes... but the gifts she has given are worth it... and I know that there will be so many more gifts to come.

Wednesday, August 29

Monday, August 27

Toledo Zoo Trip

What an awesome day! We went to the Toledo Zoo with our friends Lynn and Chris. Lynn and Chris have been many times but this was our first. We LOVED it! The animals were amazing! I have never been that close to so many animals before... they were RIGHT behind the glass. I can't even pick a favorite... the chimp was posing for us, the sloth bear was eye to eye with me, the polar bears were so active and came right up to the glass... it was incredible. The zoo was so clean and beautiful. Adrian loved the reptile house and also that he had a buddy to hang out with for the day. Luca went crazy for the seals... so much so that we had to see them one more time before we left. It was a great way to end my summer vacation.

Back story on how Lynn and I met...
Five years ago Chris was in my class. I remember him as being a cute, friendly, bright kid with a very nice family. I remember his mother (Lynn) sharing with me that she was longing to have another baby and that things were not going well. I could tell that she was in a lot of emotional pain and really felt badly for her because she is such a nice person and a great mom. Fast forward four years... I ran into Lynn in the hallway at school. She shared that they were adopting from China. I was so happy for her! Shortly after that we began seriously talking about adopting. I really wanted to talk to someone who was adopting from China so I called her up one afternoon. The rest is history.

Lynn, I am so lucky to share this experience with you. Thank you for today and for being such a wonderful friend. I am so looking forward to going back with our daughters.

Visit Lynn's blog... the link is on the right called... Waiting For Hope


Just wanted to post some of my favorite things about my Luca. Luca is three years old and his the funniest kid ever. He loves to make people laugh. He is also a huge stinker. He GETS INTO EVERYTHING and can make a GIANT mess in the time it takes me to use the rest room or answer the phone. He is sweet, smart, and so loving too. Here are some of my favorites...

* Last night he ran out of the bathroom naked saying, "I have a bunny tail!" He then turned around to show me a toilet paper pouf he had sticking out of his butt. Couldn't help but laugh... and dive for my camera.

* He names all animals Sonia. Not sure why.

* He calls Adrian "Bo", "Bobo", or "Bobostink". He has never called him Adrian.

* This week Adrian got a shot at the doctor. I had to bring Luca with us and I could tell he was worried about Adrian. He sat and watched wide eyed and I held Adrian. On the way home there was a quiet moment in the car and I heard ever so softly... "I love you Bo."

* The other night I let him lay in bed with me at bedtime. He lay down next to me and said, "Your beautiful."

* He loves babies... especially his new cousin Griffin.

* He loves to "read" and be read to. I will read a book and then he wants a turn to read it. I am amazed at how much he is able to remember from each page. I will post some video sometime of this. Also, if he doesn't remember the words he just makes up nonsense words and says them in a sing song reading voice. Adorable.

* He will eat just about anything.

* He is always happy.

* The way he says these words... lilo (little), bery (very), Mister Grain Bar (Nutra Grain Bar), lickerlish (licorice), Uncer (Uncle), "goo nite" ( good night complete with Italian accent, channeling his inner Nonno), "poocock" (peacock), "buttcrapt" (butt crack), "rest-er-not" restaurant, "buge" (huge)

* He lives life full force and has the scrapes and bruises to prove it.

* His passion for ice cream.

* He loves to water the flowers with me.

* He made up this little game where he says "We are..." and I have to answer "sweetie pies". Then I say "We are..." and he answers " shweetie pies".

* I have included a picture in the slideshow of a mess he made last week. He was throwing a fit in a store because he wanted a plastic frog. We have a million toys and don't need one more plastic frog so I didn't buy it. My mom was with me and to calm him down she distracted him with some chocolate. He settled right down and my mom and I were able to have a nice conversation for the ride home. When we got home I opened up his car door to see his face, hands, clothes and some of his car seat covered in chocolate. The chocolate had nuts in it that he obviously didn't care for so he decided to suck the chocolate off and keep the nuts as a nice little gift for me. He literally held out his hand with a huge grin as if he was giving me a present. He looked so funny I couldn't be mad. Again, I ran for the camera.

* Adding on from the plastic frog story from above... We went and saw The Wiggles Live. We took a limo to the show. While riding in the limo he proceeds to tell his Tete (very dramatically) about the plastic frog that Mama wouldn't buy him at the store earlier that day. My sister cracked up, "Oh you poor deprived child... sitting in a limo going to a Wiggles concert complaining about a plastic frog." We still are laughing over that!

* He loves my dad. He has always gravitated to him even as a very young baby.

* He is my twin... not only do we look alike but we have such similar personalities, likes and dislikes, expressions, energy level, etc.

There is so much more I could write but now that I just wrote all that I have to go smooch his face!!!!!!!!!! He is just such a blessing to me and I am such a lucky mommy to have him.

Smile, It's Monday


Saturday, August 25

Soccer Stars

Adrian attended a soccer camp this summer. These are from his last day. Luca had to join in the fun too of course! It was a great camp! The instructor was very high energy, kept the kids motivated, and was a lot of fun. If you are interested the camp was through Kid Kicks...

Wednesday, August 22

Our Backyard

The other morning while we were all sitting at the kitchen table Ron noticed something in our yard... deer! We have seen lots of animals in our yard since we moved in... rabbit families, lots of toads and frogs of different varieties, bluebirds, and all kinds of strange bugs... but nothing compares to seeing deer. Just had to post for you to enjoy too!

Monday, August 20

Smile, It's Monday

This video reminds me of when I had to speak at Em and Jay's wedding. Too funny!

Friday, August 17

It's Time To Wiggle!

Luca went to his first show... The Wiggles!

Thursday, August 16

Four Months

Today marks the fourth month in our "official" wait for Eden. This sure isn't easy.

Wednesday, August 15

Baby Steps

Just found out a few minutes ago that our dossier is now OUT OF TRANSLATION! This means that China Center of Adoption Affairs has completd the translation of our dossier from English to Chinese. I know it's not much but at least it's some progress. No, this does not mean that we are going to get Eden any quicker or that things have picked up. However, with this LOOOONG process I need to celebrate each little..... baby step.


Last night Luca had trouble going to sleep. He was worried that the "Dirty Guy" was going to scare him. The "Dirty Guy" is Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter. I have no idea why he had named him "Dirty Guy" because he really isn't dirty. Anyway, his big brother Adrian is a big Harry Potter fan so Luca has seen some of Adrian's toys and games featuring Voldemort. I just wish that Luca had the same attitude about monsters as the little girl in this video. She doesn't get scared... she gets even!

Tuesday, August 14

Tiny Footprints

Tiny Footprints
- By Jenn M.

Before your lungs could breathe
and your eyes could see,
your little feet
were walking all over me.

Before you could crawl,
and even talk,
your little toes
took a walk.

They took a journey,
went far and wide.
They traveled to my soul
where they now reside.

With every second that passes
they make another move.
With every day that ends,
they dig another groove.

No matter how long or how far
we might be apart,
your tiny little footprints
are all over my heart.

Monday, August 13

American Idol Live!!!!!!

Last night Adrian attended his first concert! His awesome aunt (Tete) scored some tickets to the show! She knows what a big American Idol fan Adrian is so she called us up and invited us to go!!!!!!!! I also need to mention that the seats were in a suite!!! All you can eat and drink, private bathroom, great location, free parking... it was so cool! The Idols were amazing! Jordan was so good and looked so beautiful, Blake did a totally cool beat boxing song, Chris Richardson was totally cute, Sanjaya was Sanjaya, but my favorite was LaKisha. She just belts it out and makes it look so easy. It was so much fun! It was a perfect concert for kids and adults. TETE YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the way Tete... Adrian told me today that he also wants to see Beck, Jack Johnson, Zac Efron, The White Stripes, Justin Timberlake, and Weird Al. :)

Smile, It's Monday

It's Monday again already! The weeks are flying by. Soon I will be back to work. Nooooooo! Just something to cheer your day. Another great video that is sure to make you smile!

Friday, August 10

Cry Happy

We will be spending the next three days boating so thought I would post about our boat!

Cry Happy is the name of our boat. We came up with the name after one of our Disney trips. Adrian was about 5 years old. As we were walking through the park he looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said... "Disney makes me cry happy." It is something Ron and I will never will forget. We want to give him many many more moments like that. Moments where he is filled with such happiness that it overflows. Our boat has brought some very special moments too. It's a place were we are alone... no TV, no phone, no cleaning, no inturruptions... just us, together, creating memories.

Thursday, August 9

Waiting For Eden

Adrian completed second grade last year. At the end of the year he had a big writing assignemnt. The students were to plan and write a book. Their book would be made into a hard cover keepsake. The students could choose their topic. Adrian decided to write a book about Eden.

Waiting For Eden
by: Adrian

Wonderful Fantastic Incredible!!! One day on October 5, 2006 I got spectacular news. I was sitting at the dinner table when my mom told me I was getting a baby sister. Our baby is extra special because we are adopting her from China.

I jumped out of my chair feeling so extraordinary. I danced all around the kitchen to show how happy I was.

I could hardly wait to find out about China. We rented movies and books from the library.

When we go I get to go for 2 weeks. I want to see and learn all about the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China was built to keep people out.

I didn't think I would like Wonton soup at first but I was wrong. I tried it because I do not want to starve in China.

I learned that she will be from an orphanage. An orphanage is a place were babys live before they are adopted. I will try to bring money to the orphanage to help the babys and teachers.

My mom had to do all this stuff on the computer to send to China. The papers we send to China tell that we are safe and we won't hurt her.

Finally we got to send everything. Now we're officially on the waiting list. We have to wait for 2 years. A lot huh?

When she gets home I want to play, dance, and sing with her.

Wednesday, August 8

August 8, 2007 Happy Anniversary!

Today is our nine year anniversary. Happy Anniversary Ron! I love you!

Monday, August 6

Dream Baby

I had an amazing dream the other night about Eden. Ron and I were at home when there was a knock on the door. A woman entered carrying a baby dressed in all yellow. She said that there had been a change and that she was bringing us our baby. She lay her down on my kitchen table and started going over paperwork with Ron. I remember her face. I have dreamt of Eden before but never this clearly. She had baby fine dark hair and was kind of chubby. I remember stroking the side of her face. I heard the woman say that she was nine months old. I also remember her telling me that she was less than twenty pounds and feeling happy because I knew she would fit into all of the clothes I bought for her. I picked her up off the table and held her. I remember the warmth and weight of her in my arms. Her body relaxed as I held her. It felt so real. The woman finally said... "So, will you take her?" I replied..."Of course we will take her." We then walked her to the door and she left. After Ron shut the door I looked at him and said... "This is a surprise!" and he replied, "yeah". I then woke up.

The Dream, a love poem.

When pleasure was, in dreaming, sure
I had a dream of love so pure
That angels shout when whispers sang
Into the air, then voices rang
To shout out their, "I love you"
And that was when I, dreaming, knew
That in all the world there will never be
Another love as yours for me.
But I awoke and in sorrow found
No traces of you were still around
And remembering the dream before
I closed my eyes to dream once more.
by Monique Urban

Sunday, August 5

Smile, It's Monday

Okay, It's Monday and most of you are at work... unless you were smart like me and got a teaching degree... he he he! Anyway, here is a video that will put a smile on your face. Works for me every time!!!!!!!!

Dragon Boat Festival

On Saturday we attened our first Families With Children From China event. The Dragon Boat Festival was a lot of fun. The boys had dragons painted on their arms, made some neat crafts and participated in relay races. Ron and I met some really nice families too. I have to admit it was difficult. It was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. The children are all so beautiful. I had a couple of pity party moments early on, but after about an hour or so I did begin to enjoy myself. I just want her here so badly.

Thursday, August 2

Far Away

This time, This place
Misused, Mistakes
Too long, Too late
Who was I to make you wait
Just one chance
Just one breath
Just in case there's just one left
'Cause you know,
you know, you know

That I love you
I have loved you all along
And I miss you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me
and you'll never go
Stop breathing if
I don't see you anymore

On my knees, I'll ask
Last chance for one last dance
'Cause with you, I'd withstand
All of hell to hold your hand
I'd give it all
I'd give for us
Give anything but I won't give up
'Cause you know,
you know, you know

That I love you
I have loved you all along
And I miss you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me
and you'll never go
Stop breathing if
I don't see you anymore

So far away
Been far away for far too long
So far away
Been far away for far too long
But you know, you know, you know

I wanted
I wanted you to stay
'Cause I needed
I need to hear you say
That I love you
I have loved you all along
And I forgive you
For being away for far too long
So keep breathing
'Cause I'm not leaving
Hold on to me and, never let me go

Far Away, Nickelback

How much longer????

"How much longer?" That is a question that I get asked all the time. It is a tough one to answer, because I really don't know. We have been logged in for about 3 1/2 months. "Logged in" is the date when China has received your paperwork and have it in their system. Our date was April 16, 2007. There are currently 510 days in front of us in line. Sooo, after doing some math I have come up with some estimates.

If China gets through an average of 7 days per month, it will take just over 6 years until we get a referral. (Oh Lord, just put me away!)

If China gets through an average of 10 days per moth, it will take 4 years and a couple of months until we get a referral. (I feel sick)

If China gets through an average of 14 days per month, it will take just over 3 years until our referral. (I can live with that, but won't like it)

If China gets through an average of 17 days per month, it will take 2 1/2 years until our referral. (HIGHLY unlikely, but a girl can dream!)

So the big question is... what will they average??? The past 4 months they have averaged about 6 days per month.
April- 6 days Oct. 27 - Nov. 1, 2005
June- 6 days Nov. 2 - Nov. 7, 2005
July- 7 days Nov. 8 - Nov. 14, 2005
August- 7 days Nov. 15 - Nov. 21, 2005

However, the month of November, 2005 had many many many people logged in for each of those days so it has taken longer to get through them. Once China gets through this heavy month, I am hoping for some larger numbers of days. Only time will tell.

Wednesday, August 1

Why Men Don't Give Birth

Warning! Bad language in the video!

Most people we know have seen this video. It made quite an impression. My husband Ron is the one in the orange hat. He takes fly fishing trips a few times a year with his friends. On one of the trips he ended up with a fly hook in his hand. One of his dear friends was kind enough to video while the others yanked it out.

On a side note... I was involved in a car accident around the same time this video was posted on youtube. I had a concussion with memory loss and a broken finger. I spent the night in the hospital. Not to sound wimpy but it was pretty traumatic. Anyway, on several occasions after seeing friends or family the first thing they would say upon seeing us, with great concern, was, "Ron, how is your hand???!!!!" Not that I was looking for sympathy but PLEASE!!! This really is a great movie though. It can make your skin crawl and laugh out loud at the same time!