Tuesday, June 29

15 Months

Our girl is 15 months old! Each month she amazes me with how much she has grown and changed.

* A lot of teeth have come in within the past month. She has several molars now and the two teeth on either side of her top front teeth are in as well.

* Her vocabulary is growing. She has added "Daaayeee" (Daddy) which I love! She also says "Uhhh Ohhhhh" when she drops her food/juice. Sometimes she says it and then drops the juice. She also says "oowww." She will pinch or scratch and then say "oowww." This is one that I don't care for. She now uses about four words regularly. I am told that four words is fine at this age especially with her only hearing English for six months. She understands a lot more language than she can express.

* She LOVES swimming. She can't get enough of the water... which makes her bath time screams even more confusing for me.

* She loves the outdoors

* We continue making strides with attachment. The ability to comfort her when she is hurt is something that until recently hasn't happened. She walks pretty well, but on occasion she will fall. This leads to some tears. When I would pick her up to comfort her she would stiffen and cry loudly as though it wasn't soothing. She wouldn't protest or cry harder, but it just didn't seem to make any difference that I was trying to make her feel better. About two weeks ago she fell into the windowsill and hurt her eye.. poor baby. She stood and cried loudly. I went and picked her up and she relaxed in my arms and put her head on my chest. I spoke softly to her and she stopped crying. I felt like that was a big step in our attachment process.

* It is amazing that at 15 months of age that she has such a point of view.. she has her own ideas and her own wants. She wants to run the show. :)

* She loves to blow raspberries and laughs her Woody the Woodpecker laugh after each one she blows. She finds it wildly entertaining and gets such a kick out of making you laugh with this special trick. She will soak the entire front of her shirt blowing raspberries. Why do they call is blowing raspberries anyway??? Hmmmm.

* She is still screaming/shrieking but less than before. She still does it daily though. Just today she was up in her crib making that obnoxious noise and I thought to myself that is doesn't even sound like a sound a human being can make. It really is quite ridiculous. It sounds more like a whistle or the sound your car makes when it needs new breaks.

* She will sleep just about anywhere. When we were up north she went right to sleep and slept through the night in her portable crib... thank goodness!!!!

* She will try to wink! She cracks up if you wink at her and then she tries to do it and just blinks kind of hard and laughs. I have to get it on video!

* She is BUSY BUSY BUSY. She doesn't quit! Always on the move!

* She still loves food. I have found that she will eat until she vomits. I don't know if this is normal... I am thinking not. For now, I am just monitoring the amount of food she is eating. Not sure if this is adoption related or just age or what. She loves food. She can't stand to see someone eating or drinking ANYTHING in front of her. It doesn't matter if she just ate or if she has a different food in front of her. She wants all the food. That means at dinner time she wants whatever is on the table... even stuff she can't have. She could have a tray full of food and you could be across the room and pull out a cracker... she will want it and scream.

* This morning she while eating breakfast she burped loudly. Well, the boys started cracking up so guess what happened.... she started fake burping and then laughing. Oh boy. It actually was pretty funny... but I hope it doesn't become one of her new tricks to get people to laugh.

Time is flying by. I can't believe how much she has changed since we brought her home. Ron and I were just looking at pictures the other night from the night we arrived home. She is so small. I'm trying to enjoy every moment because it does go by so fast.

Finalization Court Date!!!!!!!

Our social worker just called and said that she received word from the Macomb County Court that we will finalize on August 6th!!!!!! I am so excited! It will finally be official... what we have known in our hearts since the day we held her picture in our hand... she will be ours forever.

Wednesday, June 23

Summer Vacation

Hurray!!!! Summer vacation is finally here!!! We finally have time to do the things we really enjoy or better yet... nothing at all! This morning I walked by Adrian's bedroom and he called out, "Where do we have to go today?" It was so great to reply, "Nowhere!" We got up and I had time to make pancakes, sausage, and eggs for breakfast. I also actually had time to sit and eat with the boys... a luxury that I am not afforded while working. My house is relatively clean, we stayed up late and watched a movie last night, it's 10:30am and only Eden is dressed, and even with the rainy forecast I know that we will still have fun today. Ahhhh... summer.

Last weekend we made our first of several trips to northern Michigan. This trip we hit Lake Michigan, Charlevoix, and Traverse City. The cabin where we stay has a stream and the boys enjoy fly fishing, catching bugs and frogs, and just plain getting dirty. We had a really great time. Eden LOVED it and was easier than she is at home. She is such a little adventurer. She slept through the night and was so happy the whole time. Hero came too... he loves it the most!


Lake Michigan

The Lodge

Monday, June 21

Korean Market Locations

For those interested... here are some links to Korean Markets

Click here for markets organized by state

and here too

here is a link to the market I went to (HanMi Market in Troy, Michigan)

and a list of markets in Michigan

This is the first Pororo item I have seen at the market. I specifically asked for Pororo videos but since they are actually made in Japan, the market said they wouldn't/couldn't carry them??? I was surprised to see the table there. They also had another one in blue. There were several of each color available and were $29.

Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, June 16

Korean Market

Hey Everyone! Guess what Mommy found at the Korean market today...

Yes, she picked up more bulgogi marinade and Korean soda... and my favorite snacks. But she also found......

A Pororo table just for me! It's just my size!!!

It has a cute little drawer to put my treasures into.

I can pound on it and make some music!

I like to crawl under it too!

But... can you guess what my FAVORITE thing to do with my new table is????

Yup! crawl on top of it! I have only fallen a few times. I guess it is good that it is a really short table.

Okay, I have played with the table for about 5 minutes now... off to find something else to do. See ya!

Wednesday, June 9

Happy 11th Birthday Adrian

Eleven years ago my first baby was born. My chubby, blond, curly haired, dimpled baby boy. Although he was a colicky baby he quickly became a very easy toddler... and has been pretty easy ever since. He has a heart of gold. I have never known a child or even an adult as kind, loving, sensitive, and sweet. He is the kind of person I strive to be... patient, honest, thoughtful, helpful, and virtuous. I love him more than I ever thought it was possible to love a person.

I am so proud of the young man he is becoming. I so enjoy him. I just love being with him... weather we are having one of our talks, running errands, or hanging out at home. Just being near him makes me happy.

Have to run. Chicago is up 3 to 2 in the third period and my sweet boy just asked me to come and watch the rest of the game with him. You know I can't say no.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy.

Tuesday, June 8

Had to share...

We received a package from Eden's foster family in the mail today. They sent a beautiful family photo, a letter, and a doll for Eden's first birthday. I am shocked and so thankful. We are so blessed to be forever connected to this loving family.

Monday, June 7

Tuesday, June 1

14 Months

* She has two molars now.

* She loves chasing games. She loves when I crawl around the carpet and chase after her. She laughs and runs and flings herself into the couch.

* She has said "Papa" once or twice... clear as day. However, when you try to get her to say it she won't.

* We went to the park for the first time. She loved the swing for about 30 seconds. Once she looked down she kind of freaked out. Mostly she just liked walking up and down the step that lead to the playground. Fun Stuff!

* I think that one of her favorite things about summer so far is.... ICE CREAM.

* She hates to wear shoes and/or socks. Most of the time I don't even bother putting them on because she can take every pair she owns off in about 2 seconds.

* Bathing is still horrible. I don't get it at all. She LOVES to swim and play in the water. The minute we enter the bathroom and I start undressing her she starts screaming. I have tried every bathroom in our house and the kitchen sink. She is better when I hold her in the shower but that is not always possible. You would think that by now she would realize that the shower/bath is not a horrible thing. Once in a while she will seem to enjoy the bath but then the next time she is right back to screaming. I just don't know.

* I think that she gets cuter by the day. I just look at her and she takes my breath away. I know that I am her mom... but geeeeezzzz this girl is so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it sometimes. Her hair, her skin, her eyes, her smile... I mean it is just crazy how darn pretty she is.

* She loooooves her cousins. She goes crazy for Griffin especially and he is so sweet with her. It is really cute how both Mia and Eden get so excited when they see each other too. She had so much fun playing with Carson in his pool last weekend and Carson got a kick out of her too.

* She still prefers Ron or men in general.... other favorites are Papa and Uncle Jay. You should see the greeting they get when she sees them!

* Eden had her ears pierced. I made Ron take her for several reasons... mostly though because she already prefers him and I really didn't want another strike against me. She screamed the entire time including just sitting in the doctor's office so it was hard to tell if the actual piercing hurt. The earrings have not bothered her at all though and she only seems to fuss when I am cleaning them because she doesn't want to be bothered.

* We have our last post placement visit next month! We will then receive a court date for finalization!

* She does the cutest thing... while holding her on your hip she will bend over and tilt her head so she is looking at you. She has the cutest "I know I am being cute" smile on her face. I can't help but laugh and kiss her when she does it!

* She hasn't picked up any additional words. She is using the word "mom" for more or I want. I have heard her say "no" and "Papa" but she doesn't use them consistently.

* She does not like the word "no" and can throw a fit like nobody's business. My mom says that she is "determined"... that is the nice way of saying she is STUBBORN!!!!!

* If you laugh... she will laugh. The boys love this and will fake laugh to get her to laugh... which makes them laugh and then gets her going again.