Wednesday, March 31

Happy 1st Birthday!

I hope you will always know how loved you are. From the top of your head down to your toes, inside and out, unconditionally, and forever... loved.

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little cupcake in the world!

Monday, March 29

Recent Lucaisms.....

* "I didn't blink at school today. Not even once."

* "There is a new boy in my class named Cody Machanic." Now why do I think this is made up? Cody Mechanic... really???

* "I didn't breathe today at school. I held my breath all day."

* It's 8:05 and we are on our way up to bed when he realizes, "I forgot to eat my dessert!" Dessert is a highlight of our day. He believes that dessert comes after not only dinner... but breakfast and lunch too.

* "What color is God's coat?"

* "The sparkle on the ocean are stars that have come down." There was no lead into this conversation... just thought he would let me know.

* "How does God get into your heart? Does he just take a knife and cut it open?"

* His doctor asks, "So Luca, do you have a girlfriend?" He replies matter of fact, "Yes." Doctor asks, "Who is it?" Luca replies as if he should know, "Mommy. I'm going to marry her." Duuuuuuhhhh.

and my personal favorite from today...

"My butt is different than other people's butts because I can hold my poop for a really really long time."

Good to know.

Sunday, March 21


Mommy needs some practice!!!!!

Friday, March 19

Kind of at a loss...

I need some input on this one.

My Luca has been wrestling with something and I am not sure how to handle it. Over the past couple of weeks he has been coming to me with concerns about me dying. I am not sure where this is coming from. No one we know has died recently. The only thing that may have sparked this is a conversation about our dog several weeks ago. He asked if Hero was going to die. I told him that Hero is still a young dog and he is very healthy. I told him that Hero will probably be around for a long time but... just like all living creatures, Hero will die one day. All living things eventually die, it is just part of life. I went on to tell him not to worry about those kinds of things and to enjoy the day and think happy thoughts. Well, since that time... he has come to me almost everyday... sometimes more than once very upset. It seems to come out of nowhere... at Target, after getting off the bus, while on a walk, bedtime. He is very emotional and when he talks his little voice breaks and there are tears and it is so upsetting. Last night the conversation got a little deeper...

Luca- I don't want you to die before me.
Me- Mommy isn't old and I am very healthy (already feel like I am not being honest here... not all people who die are old... but I just have to give him SOME reassurance.) I plan on being around for a very long time.
Luca- But you are older than me. Daddy is older than me. Adrian is older than me. I am only 5. One day I will have no Mommy, no Daddy, and no brother. I will have no family.
Me- Deep Breath... my heart is breaking One day you will get married and you will have children and they will be your family too. Eden is younger than you. You will ALWAYS have a family.
Luca- Will God take care of me?
Me- God will ALWAYS take care of you.
Luca- When I have children will the babies be in my stomach?

That is where the conversation took a turn. :) I don't know how to handle this one. I will NOT lie to him and say that I am not going to die. It is very important to me to be honest with my kids even when it is hard. Although Luca is bright he is immature. Talking to him about death still needs to be very basic. I just don't know what to say to him that will comfort him. Like I said, this keeps coming up. I feel like I'm not saying the right thing.

What should I be telling him???

Thursday, March 18


Pororo is a very popular cartoon in Korea. The main character is named Pororo and is a little penguin. Very cute.

Eden came home with a couple of Pororo toys and a cute pair for Pororo jammies. While in Korea we purchased a Pororo airplane toy as well. Had we known she liked these characters we would have made more of an effort to track down and buy some. Ron went out one day while in Korea to the local "Walmart" to buy some toys for her but they didn't have any. He said the toy isle was very small... not like here in the US!

We have watched Pororo on Youtube a few times and she does enjoy it. Imagine my surprise when I found an episode with Pororo playing hockey!!!!!

Monday, March 15

Just A Taste

I had Eden's one year pictures done this past weekend. We used the same photographer who captured our arrival at the airport and home. She is wonderful. So patient and creative. Eden was less than cooperative. She wouldn't sit still, screamed her shrieky scream, headbutted Luca during one of the group photos, etc. I was sweating and stressing the whole time!!!! Thankfully, our photographer was able to capture some amazing pictures... I don't know how she did it! I still don't have a really good photo of the three kids together though. I am a little bummed about that but what can you do???

I have some pics of Eden in her hanbok, in her pink tutu, and in a white diaper cover eating a big cupcake. The cupcake ones are really fun. I can't wait to share them with you! I'm waiting for the pictures to come in.

I also have new pics of the boys. They are with our dog and turned out so adorable.

For those interested... our photographer can be found on Facebook... Portrait Collections.

I just had to share this one picture! She is so stinkin' cute!!!!


Adrian... Mommy, I want to talk to you about something but I don't want you to be upset.

Me...Okay what's up?

Adrian... I am thinking that I want to start calling you "mom" instead of mommy. My heart sinks a little. All my friends call their mom's mom except for me. Are you mad?

Me... Well, to be honest I knew there would come a day when you would stop calling me Mommy. If that is what you want to do that is fine. I am not upset. Lying through my teeth.

Adrian... Ok... mom. OUCH! Gosh that sounds weird! Ooooohhhhhh.... I can't do it! I am just going to keep calling you Mommy!Smile

Me... You can call me whatever you want.


Thursday, March 4

11 Months Old

Our little sweetie is 11 months old today and has been with us almost two months. It is amazing how much she has grown and changed already. Since we have been home...

* Her hair has gotten so much longer! The top hangs in her eyes now. Good thing I have lots of bows!!! Trying to figure out how to trim bangs on a child that doesn't hold still. :)

* She clearly says "Mama" and knows what it means. She doesn't just whine it anymore... "mammmamammmamama" which is nice. :)

* She will clap and say "yea"

* Will wave hi and bye bye

* EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. I have to watch her every second. Her top two teeth have just broken through.

* She still hates her car seat and baths.

* She sleeps like a champ and doesn't cry at all when we lay her down for naps or at night.

* She is NOT a patient baby (is there such thing?) and will make a huge fuss when she doesn't get what she wants right away!

* She loves loves loves to eat. I call her Miss Piggy. She really enjoys eating table food and now will put up a stink if she is served baby food. She only has two tiny teeth so this makes it difficult to give her much as far as table food goes. She really enjoys eating Nonna's homemade chicken soup (don't we all) and likes when I boil up some carrots or potatoes for her.

* She is a busy body. She protests diaper and clothing changes because she just can't stand to be kept from whatever she is doing. She can wiggle out of her clothing you are trying to put on her like a pro. Sometimes I have to count to ten while I am getting her dressed! It is so frustrating!

* She loves our dog and loves the boys. Feeling is mutual. :)

* She has the most beautiful little eyelashes that curl up at the corners!

* She has the most hilarious grunt and growl sounds. It is so funny to hear these noises come out of such a pretty little girl! :)

* We watched Pororo the other day on YouTube. It is a very popular kids cartoon in Korea. We were told that she loved it and came home with several Pororo toys. When it came on screen she smiled so big! She then kept looking at the screen then looking back at me with the look of surprise. It was so cute.

* She is quickly growing out of her 6 - 12 months clothes!

* She seems to be attaching well to all of us. She is also attaching well with my parents who watch her a few days per week while I am at work. She is affectionate and happy.

* She does not like to wear shoes or a winter coat. The minute she sees the coat she cries.

* The boys can't stand to hear her cry. I could be in the other room with Eden and if Luca hears her crying he will stop what he is doing, come in, and start singing to her. It is the dearest thing. If Adrian hears her in the morning he will go into her room to soothe her. I can hear him and see him on the video baby monitor. It is so sweet. If only the boys would show each other the love, kindness, and patience they show their sister!!!!

* Some of her odd behaviors have stopped. She no longer pulls her hair. She did this when we first brought her home. She would pull it so hard that I thought she would pull it out. This was clearly her expressing her anxiety, anger, frustration, or whatever she was feeling when we brought her home. I also notice that she is scratching and swatting less. When we first brought her home she would dig her nails into my skin... and everyone else too. She doesn't do that as often anymore nor does she hit. Another odd behavior that she showed was head banging. She would headbutt often. She had several bruises on her forehead when we first got home from hitting her head on things. She doesn't really do that anymore. Thank goodness.

* She is a good shopper! :0)

* I finally have figured out her tickle spot! We have tried tickling her and she would just not respond. I found that she likes to be ticked.... roughly! I really gotta tickle her kind of hard on her sides for her to laugh out loud!

* She loves her pacifier and will develop a little rash around her mouth from sucking on it all day. I am trying to limit it as much as possible now. I wasn't about to restrict it when we first arrived home because it is such a comfort to her.

* She is a LIGHT sleeper. Even with the sound machine she will still sometimes wake if she hears something.

* She loves to be in the baby sling. Even though the carrier is a torture device for me... I still wear it because she enjoys it so much. When I pull it out she gets all excited and starts climbing up before I can even get the straps hooked!

* She shakes her head "no" but doesn't know what it means yet. They boys think it is so funny to ask her questions and have her shake her head. Their favorite is, "Deal or no deal?"

It is hard to believe that in one short month she will be one year old!