Tuesday, October 6

Received this yesterday.....

Last Thursday we sent a letter and some pictures to Eden's foster family. Yesterday our adoption agency received a letter from Eden's case worker in Korea. They passed the letter on to us. I have to admit when I saw her name at the top of the page with our names listed as "parents" it brought tears to my eyes.

Dear Mrs. XXXXX,

I received lovely photos and letter from her adoptive family. The present will be sent to her and her foster family with her adoptive family's love. Please tell them words of thanks. She grows up very well under the foster family's love and affection.

Best Regards,

I know it is not much... but any little connection to her is a comfort. Soon she will see our faces for the first time.


Matt and Jenny said...

i think that's exciting!

Anonymous said...

Yea, this made me tear up. How wonderful that she is receiving excellent care until she comes home.

Anonymous said...

So exciting....how sweet the words coming from those that love her already. Soon.....Nonna

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