Friday, October 30

Buy Buy Baby

What a fun Friday night!!! Ron and I dropped the kids off at my mom's and went stroller shopping! I knew I wanted a lightweight, easy to fold/unfold, large umbrella, fully reclining stroller. After trying out several we decided on a...Baby Jogger City Mini. I really think it is going to be perfect! We bought the black one and plan on jazzing it up with pink toys and a pink blanket.

While were were there we also bought some stroller accessories, three cases of baby food, baby snacks, some pacifiers, and of course a cute outfit. :)

Now all we need is a baby!


Matt and Jenny said...

oooo... nice stroller! i'm going to get a similar one for our little guy... haven't decided on the brand for sure. let me know how you like it!

Lynn said...

Congratulations!!!! Isn't it GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Let me know if you need anything!! I might have something you need!!

Anonymous said...

Like I said the other night..."this is real, she will be here soon".

Jay and Emily said...

It is so much fun reading about and hearing all about your preparation for Eden's arrival. We can't wait. She is going to be super stylish in that cool stroller. Have fun!!!!

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