Monday, October 12

Bumping this up for my RQ friends!

Words can't express how blessed we feel.

Eden Sei-in (her name means human rejoice)
born April 4, 2009
Incheon, Korea
weighed 7 pounds at birth
19 inches long at birth
living with a foster family

Her file states that she is very social and curious. She loves to "babble face to face" and does not like to be hot. Last month she weighed 14 pounds and was almost 25 inches long. She eats every two hours! She goes to bed between eight and nine in the evening and wakes once in the night for a bottle. She is up for the day at 6:00!!!!!! Oh my!!!!!!!! She shows her unpleasantness by bursting out crying when not having her way. Her file states that she is cute and has chubby cheeks. I agree!!!! Her foster family states that they feel "admiration and love" toward her. Those are the same feelings that we have for them.

We are soooo in looooooove!!!!!!!!!!!


IBJorg said...

Congratulation from a fellow RQ-follower :)

Lisa said...

Oh my - your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

Christie said...

She is just absolutely precious - what a joy!!


Love for Lilly Yin said...

That is a beautiful little girl! Congratulations! Let the fun begin! Fellow RQer

Yoli said...

Congratulations!!! She is gorgeous!!!

Matt and Jenny said...

love your new background :-)