Friday, October 9

Korean Legal Documents

Statement Of Release

"By virtue of my right as Guardian of XXX,Sei-in, a minor child, and having sole custody of the said child, I, Chang, Sang Chun, hereby irrevocably consent to her emigration to U.S.A. and her adoption by suitable parents.

I fully understand that I am hereby releasing irrevocably the custody of this child and I understand also that once the legal adoption has been completed, the adoptive parents will assume all the legal responsibilities for the child and will acquire all the legal rights incident to the relationship of parent and child. In consideration of this assumption of my legal obligations by the adoptive parents, I hereby waive all rights which I now have over this child.

Chang, Sang Chun
President of Social Welfare Society, Inc."


Matt and Jenny said...

LOVE it!

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Anonymous said...

I can read this over and over. I'm sure you are head over heels with excitment - me too!

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

Wow, so cool. Any idea how long the next step takes?

We are so happy for you.