Thursday, October 1

Fun Facts

* All of my children have double numbers in their birth date... like the the month number matches the date or the date matches the year. Example: 5-5-08

* I now have children with birthdays in April, May, and June. What a fun spring!

* Eden was named by her birth father. We were told that was unusual.

* Eden was born the day we sent our formal application to our adoption agency.

* My social worker said that in all her years she had never received so many pictures of a child with a referral. She thinks Eden's case worker in Korea must have been very "taken" with her.

* Eden's file states that she is developmentally ahead of other children her age. I am glad but it kind of make me sad... I am missing so much already. I know... I am selfish.

* Looking at her growth and plotting it on a Korean growth chart Eden should be about 17 pounds when she comes home. She is following the 25th percentile. That's 6 - 12 month clothing. Looks like I have more shopping to do!!!! I have not bought much in that small of a size. :)

* I met someone online who received a referral the same day we did. Her son was born the same day Eden was. We are both teachers. We are both with the same agency. When we became facebook friends we realized that have a friend in common. Small world. :0)

* Seoul is 6611 miles from Detroit, Michigan.

* Seoul is 13 hours ahead of us on the clock.

* For what it's worth.... Two years ago I saw a psychic named Rod. My sister, sister in law, and mom all went for fun. One of the things Rod told me was that whenever I see the number 4 or a combination of the number 4 that my angels and guides are with me. Our log in date for China was 4-16-07 and our sweet baby was born on 4-4-09.

* My "Referral" post was my 200th post on this blog.

* We received our Korean referral exactly 29 months after our China log in date.... to the day.


Jay and Emily said...

Great fun facts. Wow. The Rod thing was crazy. Mom filled me in. She is without a doubt meant to be yours. Shopping? Let's go!!!

Anonymous said...

She is so so adorable. We are just starting the Korean process, and I have two little boys, also. I look forward to reading your journey. Elisabeth

Jenny said...

i love these fun facts!!! it's so neat to see how things work out in the end!

Anonymous said...

Those were great. Eden will be the same size as my Gianna. Gianna was exactly 17 lbs at 9 months. She is almost 10 months and still fits on 6-12 month clothing with room to spare. Have fun shopping!
Love Audrey

Anonymous said...

Angels working in so many ways. Love these such fun facts - I'm sure there is more to come.

Lynn said...

When God's timing and our timing meet it is all magical! Eden was meant to be your girl! Can't wait until she is home!