Friday, October 23

Care Package

The director from our agency leaves for Korea today. We are so blessed that this trip to Korea has timed so nicely with our wait. Our director only visits Korea twice per year. While she is there she will be meeting with all of the babies waiting for travel. She will be getting updates on the babies growth and development as well as new pictures. Already the photos we have of Eden are almost two months old. Babies change so quickly. I am eager to see these new pictures! I expect to receive this update in mid November. Our director is also bringing a care package we put together for Eden. Included in the care package was an outfit and socks, a photo album, a toy with our pictures on it, a lamb that plays a recording of my voice when it's middle is squeezed, a silk scarf for Eden's foster mother, some chocolates, two disposable cameras, and a letter. All of these items needed to fit in a small box. It was packed so tightly that I used some ribbon to keep it from exploding open! She should be receiving this care package sometime next week I imagine. Just the thought that someone I know will be with our baby girl is exciting for me!

Took forever to figure out how to make everything fit! Like a big puzzle!

Did you notice how the wrapping paper kind of matches the outfit she is wearing in her pictures??? :)


Jenny said...

i'm so glad you get to send your little one a care package! i hope you get some great new pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Eden is a lucky little girl. You and Ron always do things so well.
Love Papa Tom

Anonymous said...

It's really a package of filled with love. I'm so excited, can't wait for the return home with pictures.

Lynn said...

That is so exciting! I can't wait to see the pictures! With our care package, we really couldn't send anything personal except for pictures, and there were only 2 pictures taken and you couldn't tell where Hope was. As far as I know it never reached her foster family and one of the children took the pictures of Hope at the orphanage. So this is a wonderful thing to know she will be getting all your specially selected things!

Jay and Emily said...

What a wonderful package to send your daughter. I am sure she is going to love it. Great idea on the lamb with your voice. Can't wait to hear and see what the social worker finds out.

Unknown said...

What a great idea on the care package. You are so crafty! I am sure Eden will love it. Can't wait to see new pictures.

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