Wednesday, September 23

One Week

It has already been one week since we received that magical phone call. One week since I saw my daughters face for the first time. One week since the pain, worry, disappointment, and fear left my body. It has been a week of excitement, wonder, and overwhelming happiness. It has been a week of congratulations and love extended from friends and family. It has been a week of staring at a photograph... memorizing every little line, every expression, and the perfection of her face.

We waited well over 1,000 days for this week to happen... and it was worth it.


Jenny said...

i'm so happy for you!!!

ps - i did talk with the agency and we're not going to be able to switch... thanks though!

Tressa said...

Congrats, she is beautiful I remember it all so well. It was 1 year ago today our daughter was placed in our arms. That day will be here for you, very soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

You sound so happy...I'm thrilled to hear the joy in your voice.

Jay and Emily said...

It is music to my ears to hear you so happy. I have missed my happy sister. One week - and we are all in love!