Saturday, September 19

The Boys

The day after we received our referral the boys brought a small photo album to school to show their friends. I made Luca a special shirt to wear with Eden's picture on it. They were both so excited. Luca is sooo excited to be a big brother. He loves anything that makes him feel older or more grown up. :)


Anonymous said...

They are going to be wonderful brothers. They will jump for joy when Eden arrives, such good little men.

Jay and Emily said...

Too cute. You can see how excited Luca is. I love that we now have lots of posts. Keep it up. We love hearing all about it.

Alison said...

Aimee, Congratulations!!!! I have been checking in on your site since we were logged in with GWCA with the China program together. My heart broke right along with you during the LONG wait, and although we did find our duaghter in China and have been home 6 months now, it still seems like yesterday. I know this has been a VERY long road for you guys, but once Eden is in your arms you will realized that this is exactly how the journey was meant to end. I know we felt that way when Kaylie was placed into our arms, and we have never looked back! Congratulations to you and all your family!! The coming days will be hard while you wait for all the paperwork to get caught up, but she will be home SOON!!!! Best of luck!!

Dan, Alison, Sam, Kendra and Kaylie Schmitz