Thursday, September 24

Have you seen my crazy hair???

Just look at her!!!!! I can't take it!!!! She is sooo darn cute!!!!

Yes, her hair looks like this in all of her pictures. My mohawk baby!


Matt and Jenny said...

she IS so darn cute! i love her hair!

Anonymous said...

Just think how cute the pink ribbons will look on her hair.

Jay and Emily said...

I lover her crazy hair. I can't wait to see a crazy head top pony. Of course, Jay will want to spike it. You might have to let him try, just once. :)

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

I was wondering what her hair looked like, since she had a hat on in the other photos. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I would be carrying these photos with me everywhere - heck I would probably have a t shirt made with one her on it!! :)