Monday, September 21

Acceptance Papers

Today I dropped off our acceptance papers for Eden. They will leave for Korea on Thursday. Once they are there the process of bringing Eden home will begin. We will receive Eden's legal documents (legals) in the mail hopefully within a month. We can then file them with the appropriate US government agencies.

Also, today I spoke with a parent from my school who lived in Korea for two years. They actually just returned. Turns out we are saying her name wrong. Her name is pronounced "Say in".

More good news... our agency allows us to send as many cards, pictures, and letters to Eden's foster family as we would like. Everything is mailed and translated FOR FREE. I am so excited. Also our director will be traveling to Korea in October. While there she will be visiting all of the babies from our agency who are waiting to come home. She will get an update from Eden's foster mother as well as new pictures. This is such an unexpected gift! We are also able to send a small care package with her for Eden and her foster family. Gosh, what do you send someone who is loving and caring for your baby every minute of every day. Can't think of anything that would be enough to show how much we appreciate them.


Anonymous said...

The good news just keeps on coming. I know you will think of just the perfect gift for the foster parents and Eden, don't worry.

Jay and Emily said...

Wonderful update. Thanks! Can't wait to get those updated pics and news. Love that little sweet face!!!

Lynn said...

Amiee, so incredibly happy words can not express. Such a lucky little girl to have a family that wants her so much and already loves her beyond measure!

Can't wait to meet her!

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

Send them photos of yourselves and your home, so they will see where Eden will be living. Send them hometown items.
This is so exciting! Send them your email address and a way to contact you, because there is nothing more fun than having someone who wants to talk about your child available to talk about your child!
You could send them a blanket with Eden's photo on it if the photos are high-res enough. ... But you could do that later on, as well.