Thursday, March 18


Pororo is a very popular cartoon in Korea. The main character is named Pororo and is a little penguin. Very cute.

Eden came home with a couple of Pororo toys and a cute pair for Pororo jammies. While in Korea we purchased a Pororo airplane toy as well. Had we known she liked these characters we would have made more of an effort to track down and buy some. Ron went out one day while in Korea to the local "Walmart" to buy some toys for her but they didn't have any. He said the toy isle was very small... not like here in the US!

We have watched Pororo on Youtube a few times and she does enjoy it. Imagine my surprise when I found an episode with Pororo playing hockey!!!!!


Elizabeth Frick said...

Olive is a HUGE Pororo fan. We wish we had known about him our first time to Korea. So this time, we are STOCKING UP. :)

Jay and Emily said...

Very cute. I can see why she would like it. Adorable. Can you order things on-line?