Sunday, February 7

One Month Home!

Today we celebrate Family Day! One month ago we walked through our front door and became a family of five. What a crazy, exhausting, emotional, amazing day that was!

We hired a photographer to capture our arrival at the airport. Mother Nature... who in Korea delayed us from meeting Eden by a day because of a huge snow storm... once again threw a wrench in our plans and prevented our family from going to the airport. The roads were just too dangerous for them to make the drive. However, our photographer braved the roads and was there to capture our arrival. She then went to our home where our family was waiting for us.

Detroit Metro Airport

We exited customs and saw our photographer waiting for us in baggage claim.

Ron went to get the bags and we played a little while we waited.

We then left the airport and Eden took her first ride in a car seat. The smiles didn't last long though. She didn't really like it.

Thirty one hours after waking up to start our trip home we finally pulled into our drive. We could hear our family cheering from inside as soon as we got out of the car.

Finally Home!

She walked in the door with a smile on her face.

Her sweet smile brought a tear to my eye.After every she had been through and after such a loooong trip home... I just couldn't believe she was smiling! I just love this sweet girl.

Adrian came up to meet his new sister.

One smile and we all fell in love.

Next, Luca came to say hello...

... and we became a family of five!

Adrian really wanted to hold her but she wasn't quite ready!

Luca had her laughing with his disappearing thumb trick.

Shortly after we went to bed and Eden and I slept for 15 hours straight!

This was such a happy day! One that I will never forget!


Elizabeth Frick said...

Happy family day! What fabulous photos, and wonderful sentiments. I think that's the BEST idea ever to hire a photographer for your airport arrival! Awesome.

Elisabeth said...

The pictures are so beautiful - and yea, what a great idea to hire the photographer. I love the pic of Eden sitting on the suitcases!

Jenny said...

one month!!! yay! and what and AWESOME idea! you're a genius!

Karen said...

Amazing pictures! I can't believe it has been a month already!! Congratulations on your beautiful family!

Jay and Emily said...

One of the best days of my life. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. We love her so very much!

Anonymous said...


I was looking for the same chair you have for Eden and I found out that there is a recall for that chair as it poses strangulation hazard.
Please take it back to the store.

Here is the website:


Anonymous said...

Somehow I did not paste the whole web address correctly.

I hope I get it right this time...


Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened, I still got it wrong.

the last 3 missing characters are:

So it was supposed to be:

.... prhtml06/06068.html

Our Journey To Eden said...

Thanks so much Sam!

I contacted Fischer Price and they are sending a piece to fix it. Thanks so much for letting me know!

Niki said...

Great pictures and what a great day! Miss you all and can't wait to see you soon :).

Kelly said...

The photographer's pictures are beautiful-what a great way to capture the special day! I love seeing the excitement and love expressed in everyone's smile! Congratulations and thank you for sharing this amazing time in your life!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful night!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I am in the process of adopting from Korea and heard from someone in our agency that you used aiaa, I was just wondering if you could tell me a little about your experience with them and if you would recommend them.