Friday, February 12

No Time!

No time for posting. Eden is sick with a cold and wants to be held constantly. She also has a horrible diaper rash. Took her to the doctor today and he said the rash was fungal. Eeeewwwwww. We have some cream for it and hopefully it will clear up soon. He said it was common.

I know soooo many people who are sick right now. How many more days till summer???

Here are a couple of pics just because!


Anonymous said...

Didn't take long to get her a hockey stick ! She is just too sweet for hockey though.

Elizabeth Frick said...

feel better Eden! and amen for spring - we need it NOW!

Jenny said...

aw.... i hope she gets better soon. love the mini hockey stick. :)

Lynn said...

So understand the sick thing! Hope just got over a cold too. Hope Eden is feeling better soon!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

BrandiB said...

Hope she feels better soon :-)