Thursday, February 18


Eden is doing much better as far as the RSV goes. She no longer has a fever and is breathing easier. However, he rash is still pretty bad. I don't really get it. My boys have had some pretty bad rashes but with Triple Paste cream they cleared up fairly quickly. Her rash is just not going away. It seemed to improve some with the anti-fungal cream but in the last day or so it has gotten worse. It is now just an open sore and she screams when she is changed because she is in so much pain. We have been doing everything we have been told... airing out, various creams, changing often, washing... I even bought organic diapers. I just wish this rash would clear up. I can't stand to hear her crying and in pain. We have another appointment this afternoon with the doctor.

Oh, and Ron and I are now both sick too. Fun Stuff.


Michelle said...

Try coating her little bottom with Vaseline it really helps keep moisture away. Hope she feels better soon!

Elizabeth Frick said...

yikes. poor girl. could it be an allergic reaction?

Debbie Sauer said...

She is just precious!! I'm glad that she is feeling better. Blessings, Debbie

Jen said...

No suggestions here. Just wishing Eden a healed tushie and you and your husband a speedy recovery!

Katie said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog since you recommended your agency on RQ. It's been very helpful!

I use Lotrimin AF for diaper rash. It's an antifungal cream, but I've had two seperate pediatricians recommend it to me for diaper rash. It has always worked great. Also, you may want to try playing around with different brands of diapers. My daughter can only wear Pampers. Any other brand gives her a rash, and oddly enough the Huggies Naturals gave her a whole body rash.

Hope you are all feeling better soon!