Wednesday, February 3

10 Months Old

Our little sweetie is ten months old. Double digits. Although it has only been one month (to the day) that we first met I already see that she has grown and changed. She actually looks different to me... her hair a little longer, chubbier. She is quickly growing out of her 6 - 12 month clothes. She loves to eat! Her favorites are yogurt, sweet potatoes, and those puffs. She is pulling up on everything and can stand unassisted for a few seconds. She has not taken a step yet though. She can crawl up my stairs in no time which she couldn't do when we first arrived home. She says, "Mama" and knows what it means. She will call out for me. She also will wave "hi" and "bye bye" when asked. She loves to mimic with different sounds. She hasn't gotten any more teeth but the two she came home with seem larger. She seems to be a hockey fan. She will sit and watch the game or the people in the stands without fuss. She still loves Luca and he can get her to stop crying when no one else can.

She is a joy! The past month has gone by so quickly. Things are finally settling and our new normal feels well, normal.

I will post more about her attachment along with some pictures this weekend.


Jenny said...

happy 10 months! can't wait for the pictures!

Elizabeth Frick said...

What great progress, little Eden! happy 10 months.

Anonymous said...

She sure is a joy! Funning but it feels like she has been part of our family all along. We love her so much.....Nonna

Jay and Emily said...

She is perfection! So happy you got to be together for her 10 month bday.