Thursday, May 21

You have got to be kidding me.

Our home study will NOT be mailed out today. There were some revisions the director wanted our social worker to make to our home study and due to a "training session" they were not able to meet to discuss them. Our home study "should go out next week though."

I am beyond disappointed.


Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

Oh no! We're so sorry to hear that.

Next week, though, isn't that far away. You are almost there. Thinking of you and praying for the home study revisions to be worked out quickly.

Kevin and Violet

Jay and Emily said...

Sorry to hear that. I hate it when the wait is in another person's hands. Next week is just around the corner. Remember - God's time. He is making it perfect for you.

Love ya - E

Anonymous said...

Time moves too slowly when we are waiting for my prayers.