Friday, May 15


Could somebody please tell me why it is taking so long to get my @$#%ing home study???? I busted my butt to get all of our documents completed in record time and Ron and I pulled two crazy late nights taking our online adoption classes so that we could have everything done on our end. I am so frustrated! I just want our home study in Korea!!!!!!


....and please don't point me to my post from March 19th. I will have to kick you.


Anonymous said...

We are just as crazy about the wait....let's hope you hear something by tomorrow...please God.

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

The waiting is so hard. We had to wait on USCIS to renew our I-171H and that extended our wait for Jake. From TA to travel for us was 2 months when it usually is 2-3 weeks for most people.

Hang in there. That's all we can say.

Kevin Hassler

Jay and Emily said...

No way would I point you to your March post. Patience is the hardest thing for me to give up to God. Believe me, I have a terrible time working on His time. I know it is so cliche but - hang in there. We are thinking and loving you.