Monday, May 18

My wife, my strength, my inspiration...

Just a quick little note:

Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons about ourselves, our loved ones, our families, our friends, etc. Some lessons are learned in an instant, and some are learned over time.

What first drew me to my wife was her beautiful smile. After a few conversations, it was her personality that drew me in even closer. I found myself needing to be around her more and more because I just knew there was something special about her. After a few more dates I was able to convince her that being with me was in her best interest (and for some reason I had to do a lot of convincing). It's actually a great story how we ended up together, but that wasn't the intent of this blog so I'll save that for a face-to-face conversation at a later time.

My wife simply amazes me! (that was the alternate title of this post) She has been very candid with her posts over the past few years so you understand the emotional rollercoaster she (all of us, but I have my boys and she so desperately wants her little girl) has been on. There have been times where I didn't think she was going to make it through an emotional time, but with the love and support of her family, she always has. She has single handedly pushed every piece of paper in this process and on occasion asks me for a signature, or for financial information. She has been so organized, determined and on top of things that my head spins just thinking about it. I've learned so much about her in this process and it simply amazes me to think that she is pulling all this off all the whlie juggling a career, a household, dealing with me AND she exercizes almost daily. I get exhausted just thinking about all the little things she does to keep things on the straight and narrow around here.

My wife truely makes me want to be a better person, and I live every day knowing that I am married to the most wonderful women in the world. Because of her, all of our dreams are coming true.


Anonymous said... amaze me with your warm and lovely touching.

Jay and Emily said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing. We love her and you too!

Our Journey To Eden said...

Awww Shucks! Thanks Ron! I love you!

Jay and Emily said...

Did Ron really write a blog? WOW! Very nice Ron! - Jay

Unknown said...

Ron - I'm so glad you appreciate Amiee for the wonderful person I've always known her to be. Sometimes I worry that she is so beautiful, it gets in the way of people really seeing her true beauty.