Thursday, August 30

Gifts from Eden

There are many hardships, stresses, and emotions involved with adoption. I have had some pretty down days just wishing she could be here with me, frustrated with China and how long it is taking for referrals, angry at how no one can tell me WHEN I will have her in my arms, and sad to think of how many Christmas mornings and other celebrations we will have without her. I realize that I need to step back and look at all the blessings she has brought into my life during this whole crazy process. I continue to be amazed at how our Eden has already changed our lives for the better. She has filled my heart with so much love, has brought an awareness about the world that I hadn't had before, strengthened my faith, and brought wonderful people into my life. My sweet daughter, who has not even been born, has given me so much. She has brought out such thoughtfulness and generosity from friends and loved ones. We have received so many kind gifts and cards.... some from people we have never even met. Yes, I still get down about the wait. That hole in my heart is hard to bear sometimes... but the gifts she has given are worth it... and I know that there will be so many more gifts to come.


Lynn said...

Double Blessings, Double Happiness!

I think I know where Adrian gets his sweet soul from!

Lori said...

Well said.
It is incredibly hard to wait, some days are tougher than others.
Hang in there. :)