Monday, August 27


Just wanted to post some of my favorite things about my Luca. Luca is three years old and his the funniest kid ever. He loves to make people laugh. He is also a huge stinker. He GETS INTO EVERYTHING and can make a GIANT mess in the time it takes me to use the rest room or answer the phone. He is sweet, smart, and so loving too. Here are some of my favorites...

* Last night he ran out of the bathroom naked saying, "I have a bunny tail!" He then turned around to show me a toilet paper pouf he had sticking out of his butt. Couldn't help but laugh... and dive for my camera.

* He names all animals Sonia. Not sure why.

* He calls Adrian "Bo", "Bobo", or "Bobostink". He has never called him Adrian.

* This week Adrian got a shot at the doctor. I had to bring Luca with us and I could tell he was worried about Adrian. He sat and watched wide eyed and I held Adrian. On the way home there was a quiet moment in the car and I heard ever so softly... "I love you Bo."

* The other night I let him lay in bed with me at bedtime. He lay down next to me and said, "Your beautiful."

* He loves babies... especially his new cousin Griffin.

* He loves to "read" and be read to. I will read a book and then he wants a turn to read it. I am amazed at how much he is able to remember from each page. I will post some video sometime of this. Also, if he doesn't remember the words he just makes up nonsense words and says them in a sing song reading voice. Adorable.

* He will eat just about anything.

* He is always happy.

* The way he says these words... lilo (little), bery (very), Mister Grain Bar (Nutra Grain Bar), lickerlish (licorice), Uncer (Uncle), "goo nite" ( good night complete with Italian accent, channeling his inner Nonno), "poocock" (peacock), "buttcrapt" (butt crack), "rest-er-not" restaurant, "buge" (huge)

* He lives life full force and has the scrapes and bruises to prove it.

* His passion for ice cream.

* He loves to water the flowers with me.

* He made up this little game where he says "We are..." and I have to answer "sweetie pies". Then I say "We are..." and he answers " shweetie pies".

* I have included a picture in the slideshow of a mess he made last week. He was throwing a fit in a store because he wanted a plastic frog. We have a million toys and don't need one more plastic frog so I didn't buy it. My mom was with me and to calm him down she distracted him with some chocolate. He settled right down and my mom and I were able to have a nice conversation for the ride home. When we got home I opened up his car door to see his face, hands, clothes and some of his car seat covered in chocolate. The chocolate had nuts in it that he obviously didn't care for so he decided to suck the chocolate off and keep the nuts as a nice little gift for me. He literally held out his hand with a huge grin as if he was giving me a present. He looked so funny I couldn't be mad. Again, I ran for the camera.

* Adding on from the plastic frog story from above... We went and saw The Wiggles Live. We took a limo to the show. While riding in the limo he proceeds to tell his Tete (very dramatically) about the plastic frog that Mama wouldn't buy him at the store earlier that day. My sister cracked up, "Oh you poor deprived child... sitting in a limo going to a Wiggles concert complaining about a plastic frog." We still are laughing over that!

* He loves my dad. He has always gravitated to him even as a very young baby.

* He is my twin... not only do we look alike but we have such similar personalities, likes and dislikes, expressions, energy level, etc.

There is so much more I could write but now that I just wrote all that I have to go smooch his face!!!!!!!!!! He is just such a blessing to me and I am such a lucky mommy to have him.


Lynn said...

I'm in LOVE...

Jay and Emily said...

Oh, I adore him. You are right. He is the funniest kid I have ever known. He is a joy and it is contageous. He is always happy and silly. We are all so lucky to have him in our life. It has only been two days but I miss him already! I love him so much!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet way to start my morning. Must be wonderful to be Luca - so happy and so loved.

Lori said...

Oh he sounds incredibly sweet and SO much fun!
It great that you wrote out these little details to remember these special moments. What a darling he is.