Monday, August 6

Dream Baby

I had an amazing dream the other night about Eden. Ron and I were at home when there was a knock on the door. A woman entered carrying a baby dressed in all yellow. She said that there had been a change and that she was bringing us our baby. She lay her down on my kitchen table and started going over paperwork with Ron. I remember her face. I have dreamt of Eden before but never this clearly. She had baby fine dark hair and was kind of chubby. I remember stroking the side of her face. I heard the woman say that she was nine months old. I also remember her telling me that she was less than twenty pounds and feeling happy because I knew she would fit into all of the clothes I bought for her. I picked her up off the table and held her. I remember the warmth and weight of her in my arms. Her body relaxed as I held her. It felt so real. The woman finally said... "So, will you take her?" I replied..."Of course we will take her." We then walked her to the door and she left. After Ron shut the door I looked at him and said... "This is a surprise!" and he replied, "yeah". I then woke up.

The Dream, a love poem.

When pleasure was, in dreaming, sure
I had a dream of love so pure
That angels shout when whispers sang
Into the air, then voices rang
To shout out their, "I love you"
And that was when I, dreaming, knew
That in all the world there will never be
Another love as yours for me.
But I awoke and in sorrow found
No traces of you were still around
And remembering the dream before
I closed my eyes to dream once more.
by Monique Urban


kitchu said...

That is amazing!

Meghan said...

Hi Amiee! Thanks for visiting my blog:) You may not remember this, but we were both waiting for out 1-171H from USCIS at the same time.

Lori said...

Wow, it is such a detailed dream. You have it written down so now you can compare it to "real life"! :)