Wednesday, August 8

August 8, 2007 Happy Anniversary!

Today is our nine year anniversary. Happy Anniversary Ron! I love you!


Jay said... I seriously can't breathe...did you morph my wife with some other woman's body? I get the point and appreciate the fact that someone else was missing from the picture but Emily looks deformed. HAHA HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Your picture looks guys look so young and you're just a little older but you still look pretty!

Lynn said...

Seriously... where's Ron???

You are stunning!

Our Journey To Eden said...

Jay you are so wierd. No, I didn't morph anyone! This picutre worked out great because I just had to zoom over to the left. I am not sure why you think she looks deformed. I think she looks great!

Thanks Lynn! I know, Ron looks totally different! I much prefer the longer hair!

Snowflowers Mum said...


I found you through Waiting for Hope, which I found through the mad race for, talk about blog surfing!

I just watched your youtube video...very cute!

Are you doing a 100 wishes quilt? I have some fly hook fabric I'd love to send!

a kiwi mum, married to a WV boy, with a Chinese princess and waiting for our next daughter.

Jay and Emily said...

Okay. I can't see the pics nor open them. Jay - I was just probably much thinner!! Thanks!!! Maybe I am happy I can't open the pics.

Happy Anniversary!! I love you both very much.

Jay said...

Okay, maybe it's just the quality of the photo. I thought it was morphed. Please send baby Eden to Uncle Jay for any spelling lessons. I love it! and I prefer the short hair but I'm not married to Ron....haha

Jay and Emily said...

I got the pics to open. They are just blurry because they were scanned. Thank you Amiee for omitting someone. You guys look too cute. I can't belive it was 9 years ago. Wow. Ron looks so strange with short hair. I like the longer hair though.

Jay - you are a spelling nerd!

Lori said...

Aaahh, Happy Anniversary! You two look like royalty!