Friday, August 10

Cry Happy

We will be spending the next three days boating so thought I would post about our boat!

Cry Happy is the name of our boat. We came up with the name after one of our Disney trips. Adrian was about 5 years old. As we were walking through the park he looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said... "Disney makes me cry happy." It is something Ron and I will never will forget. We want to give him many many more moments like that. Moments where he is filled with such happiness that it overflows. Our boat has brought some very special moments too. It's a place were we are alone... no TV, no phone, no cleaning, no inturruptions... just us, together, creating memories.


TeTe said...

I don't know why I can't ever see the pics. Do you?

I know we will all "cry happy" when Eden comes home.

Have fun boating. I wish we were joining you. Hopefully soon we will be out there together.

Lynn said...

Adrian is such an old soul.

Your pictures are not showing up for me either.

Amiee said...

Not sure what is going on with the pics. They were there this morning! I just tried fixing them. Hopefully, they will stay!

Lynn said...

I can see them! Such cuties!

Lori said...

Oh I love "Cry Happy"! What a great name for something that brings you so much joy!