Wednesday, December 23

January 4, 2010, at 9:30am

This is when I will meet my daughter for the first time. After so many years of waiting, wondering, dreaming... I now know. It is so surreal.

All families meet with their babies and foster families at least once for a short visit before the formal handing over. We will be meeting Eden at her foster family's home. Usually visits are about an hour or two long. I know it will be hard to leave her!!! This meeting is to help with the transition for the babies and foster families. We will then meet at SWS for a formal handing over ceremony on a separate day. This usually happens the night before families leave Seoul or the morning of the flight. Being that we have a morning flight out of Seoul, I think chances are good we will get her the afternoon before we leave. We won't find out when the handing over ceremony will be until we arrive in Seoul.

We will be departing Michigan around 5:00 and will fly into New York. We will have about a 5 hour layover and then leave for Seoul at 12:30am. We will then arrive in Seoul around 6:30am on January 3rd. Traveling to Seoul we will lose a day with the time difference. (Our flight back is sooo much better... no layovers and we gain a day) So that means we will meet Eden the day after we arrive! I am so glad we won't have to wait too long!

Em.. can you believe it??? Another 4... this is so weird.

In addition to Christmas madness... I have Eden packed, the house just about ready, car seats washed and ready to install, money exchanged into Korean money for the trip, all gifts for foster family and SWS workers purchased, and have started to put some things aside to pack for myself. Trying to stay on top of laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning etc. because Ron's family will be staying here with the boys while we are gone. Busy Busy Busy!!!

Have to run!


Jenny said...

i'm so glad you have a DATE! PERFECT new year for you!

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

It is so great to finally see a date and time.

We were so excited when we got that information, so we know you must be on cloud 9 right now.

Jay and Emily said...

When I got your text today I was blown away. I knew it. I remember you telling me your dates of travel and I said... the fourth will be the day! Amazing. This number has followed you this whole journey. Wow. Wonderful news. It is like you have your planned C-section schedule and now just have to wait like the rest of us mommys in labor. Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

You are busy...but "good" busy. We are here if you need us. It will all work out...wait and see

Elisabeth said...

That is just so wonderful!!!! What an amazing Christmas for you and your family!!!

Karen said...

We are so excited for you!! Jan 4th will be the day we meet our son too!!


Lynn said...

I never saw this post... This is so exciting!! I am so incredibly happy for you! I can't wait!!! Let me know if you need anything!