Monday, December 28

Getting Ready!

Christmas was wonderful. We had such great times celebrating with family and here at home. I will post more on that later.

I have been busy each day getting ready for our big trip. We leave in 4 days... 4 STINKIN' DAYS! I can't believe it! One week from today we will have met our daughter for the first time. Still can't wrap my mind around that one either!!!!

I have one suitcase packed... all of Eden's things... clothes, bottles, diapers, food, toys, etc. I also have our gifts for Eden's foster family, case worker, SWS workers, and our donations for the babies. Already I think the luggage is too heavy. I have packed all of that in one smaller bag and put the smaller bag inside a larger bag so that we have plenty of room for souvenirs on the way back.

We will be staying at the SWS guest house during our visit. It is nothing fancy but I have heard great things about it. The guest house is for SWS families who are picking up their children or families who are there on a heritage trip with older children. We will be staying right at SWS. This is where all of the SWS workers work as well as where the babies live before going to their foster families. Eden will have lived here for two months. I can't wait to take pictures, thank the workers, and see the babies there too!

We have a plan for each day of our trip...

3rd... We will arrive on the 3rd with the long flight and time change. We will arrive in Incheon around 6:30am. We will head right to SWS and then go exploring. We will see how long we last. I have a feeling we will be very tired!

4th... We will be meeting Eden this day! I am not sure how long our meeting will be. I have heard that they are usually a couple of hours. Do you think she would mind if I just camped out for the day??? :) We will spend the rest of the day sight seeing in Seoul.

5th... This day we will also sight see, do some shopping, etc.

6th... We MAY be getting Eden this day. I will not know until we arrive at SWS. Being that we have a morning flight the next day there is a good chance that we will receive her this day. I am really hoping this is the case. I would like some time with her before having to take the plane ride home.

7th... We will head home. Uggggg... about a 17 hour flight.

7th... We gain a day so it will still be the 7th when we arrive home around 3:00.

Moving on...

I want to share some photos I received from someone I met online. There are some great pictures of Eden with her little guy as well as some other babies. I have cropped the other babies out so the quality in some of the pics isn't great. There are some pics of Eden at 3 months old which I love. What a beautiful little baby she was... and still is. Here are some of the pics I received...

Eden at 3 months.

Eden at 4 months.

Eden at 6 months.

Eden at almost 7 months.

Eden at 7 months.


Anonymous said...

Soon we will be celebrating the homecoming of one special little lady. This child has no idea of how much we look forward to meeting her...and of course living her.

Elisabeth said...

Yay!! 3 days now!! I can't wait!

Renee said...

Hi! I was very excited to come across your blog. I have seen very few blogs of people whose agencies are with SWS. We are almost on the same timeline as you. Our daughter born on April 16, referral on Sept. 10. I600 on December 2. I can't believe you already have a travel call! Our agency said that Korea wouldn't be issuing any more Visa's until after the New Year...but I've come across a few blogs of people who have gotten TC's this month. Anyway, hope we get one soon. I look forward to reading about your trip. We're going to stay in the SWS housing too. BTW, how did you find someone with pictures of your daughter? I'd love to find out if someone has some pictures of our daughter. Anyway, sorry this is so long! If you email me I'd love to tell you our daughter's name so you could keep an eye out for her. :-)

Renee said...

I'm sorry, I just realized I forgot to post my email address: Thanks!