Sunday, March 2

Goal at the Joe!

Adrian's hockey team played a game at the Joe Luis Arena today... and HE SCORED A GOAL!!!!! At first we didn't think the puck went in... but as you will see and hear... we learned that it did. Ron asked Adrian how he felt right after he scored and he said, "Well, I was thinking that I have not scored in a while.... and I just scored at the Joe Luis Arena." Must have been a pretty cool moment for him. Just had to share!

Also, Adrian was "playmaker" for his three assists during his game on Saturday.

And... Adrian was asked to join the current first place team for spring hockey..... was my son just drafted??? It is such a wonderful feeling to see your kid do well at something they love so much.

Okay enough bragging.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invite to the game. Watching Adrian score was such a thrill!!!!!!! He is such a dear boy and I'm so happy he is having a great week.