Monday, February 25

Spring Break 08

This spring break was one of the best! I had a "date" with one of the cutest guys around, rocked out with some friends, and had some fun splashing in the water.... no, I wasn't in Cancun, Daytona, or South Padre... those days are waaaayyyyy behind me. Here is my new version of a crazy fun spring break.....

I had a day out with my sweet Adrian. I just love love love getting to spend some alone time with him. He and I both read the Spiderwick Chronicles and decided to see the movie. It was playing at the IMAX and it was really intense. Next, Adrian picked where he would like to go for lunch and decided on Boston Market. I think that is so funny. What kid loves to go to Boston Market??? We then made a stop at a sporting goods store and picked up some hockey net target thingies that he flipped for. He is just such a great kid. I wish we could do it more often.

Wednesday night Ron and I joined my sister and brother in law for the Bon Jovi concert. We surprised them with a Slippery When Wet sign which I expect to see hanging on their mantle next time I am over. ;) The concert was a blast. I have never been to a concert with the level of crowd involvement as Bon Jovi. The entire crowd stood the entire concert and sang every word to every song.

We also spent a few days at The Great Wolf Lodge.... or as Luca would say... The Gray Wolf Flodge. The boys loved it... of course. Luca went on everything without fear. They enjoyed the game room and the night time "show" as well. Adrian was such a great big brother while we were there, walking Luca to the top of the slides. The boys got along so well, which was refreshing. Anytime Luca gets to put on his "babing soup" to go "fffwimmin" it's a good day. I don't think the smile could have been any bigger on Luca's face as he came down the water slides. I could hear him saying, "Weeee" as he went down. Unfortunately, our digital camera broke while we were there so I didn't get a whole lot of pictures. We brought our video camera though so I was able to capture some of the trip.

Luca doing his Buzz Lightyear pose.

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amy said...

Love all the pics...So glad you had so much fun!