Tuesday, March 4


This month's referrals arrived this week. CCAA completed 8 days this month. It was again considered a small batch based on the number of people who were logged in for those eight days. On a positive note... CCAA has finally completed all of 2005!!! The cut off was January 4, 2006.


kris said...

AT LAST... 2006!

ANDREEA said...

So...it will take time to complete 2006 year,no?You are in 2007.Why are they so slow???I don't get it!!!

Lynn said...


Happy Snow Day!!!

I actually posted today... can you believe it! Check my blog for my latest forcast!

FHL said...

Our LID is 4/13/07....at least we're all a few steps closer :-)

(And boy is it nice to hear 'o6 vs. '05!)