Saturday, March 29

Puppy Love

What a fun way to start the day!!! This is a video of our first morning with Hero.

Some funnies....

* While riding home from Pet Smart Adrian informed me that he no longer wants to play in the NHL when he grows up. He has decided that he wants to be a dog trainer at Pet Smart.

* Luca informed my friend Lynn that when we took Hero to the vet, "The vet put a pen in his butt." Impossible not to laugh.


ANDREEA said...

Thise is the most cutest video I have ever seen.:):):)
Your kids are so beautiful,and the little white one is sooooo adorable.
PS:Eden will be so lucky to have a perfect family,and you will be lucky to have her,as well.

Lynn said...

How incredibly sweet. That makes it all worth it...

Love the Teletubbies jammies!

TeTe said...

I love this video. The boys are so happy. You can see the joy pouring out of them. Hero is adorable and such a good little one.