Thursday, March 27

Our Hero

On Monday Ron surprised all of us and brought home our puppy. I had seen Hero a few days prior and fell in love with his scruffy fur, sweet temperament, and innocent face. Hero is a West Highland Terrier and Toy Poodle mix. He is about 4 1/2 pounds right now and expected to double in size when full grown. He was born on January 2nd. He is playful, very smart, and loves to snuggle. We love him very much.

My brother also got a new puppy... Max. He was "cage mates" with Hero. As you will see in the video they were reunited and went a little nutty!


Anonymous said...

Welcome little Hero to our family - you are so sweet!......Nonna

Lynn said...

How cute!!! You should get another one so Hero will have someone to play with everyday!

TeTe said...

I can't believe our family gained two dogs in 72 hours. How did you both get dogs before me!!! I can just enjoy yours until the time is right for us. I am happy to dog sit anytime.