Tuesday, June 29

15 Months

Our girl is 15 months old! Each month she amazes me with how much she has grown and changed.

* A lot of teeth have come in within the past month. She has several molars now and the two teeth on either side of her top front teeth are in as well.

* Her vocabulary is growing. She has added "Daaayeee" (Daddy) which I love! She also says "Uhhh Ohhhhh" when she drops her food/juice. Sometimes she says it and then drops the juice. She also says "oowww." She will pinch or scratch and then say "oowww." This is one that I don't care for. She now uses about four words regularly. I am told that four words is fine at this age especially with her only hearing English for six months. She understands a lot more language than she can express.

* She LOVES swimming. She can't get enough of the water... which makes her bath time screams even more confusing for me.

* She loves the outdoors

* We continue making strides with attachment. The ability to comfort her when she is hurt is something that until recently hasn't happened. She walks pretty well, but on occasion she will fall. This leads to some tears. When I would pick her up to comfort her she would stiffen and cry loudly as though it wasn't soothing. She wouldn't protest or cry harder, but it just didn't seem to make any difference that I was trying to make her feel better. About two weeks ago she fell into the windowsill and hurt her eye.. poor baby. She stood and cried loudly. I went and picked her up and she relaxed in my arms and put her head on my chest. I spoke softly to her and she stopped crying. I felt like that was a big step in our attachment process.

* It is amazing that at 15 months of age that she has such a point of view.. she has her own ideas and her own wants. She wants to run the show. :)

* She loves to blow raspberries and laughs her Woody the Woodpecker laugh after each one she blows. She finds it wildly entertaining and gets such a kick out of making you laugh with this special trick. She will soak the entire front of her shirt blowing raspberries. Why do they call is blowing raspberries anyway??? Hmmmm.

* She is still screaming/shrieking but less than before. She still does it daily though. Just today she was up in her crib making that obnoxious noise and I thought to myself that is doesn't even sound like a sound a human being can make. It really is quite ridiculous. It sounds more like a whistle or the sound your car makes when it needs new breaks.

* She will sleep just about anywhere. When we were up north she went right to sleep and slept through the night in her portable crib... thank goodness!!!!

* She will try to wink! She cracks up if you wink at her and then she tries to do it and just blinks kind of hard and laughs. I have to get it on video!

* She is BUSY BUSY BUSY. She doesn't quit! Always on the move!

* She still loves food. I have found that she will eat until she vomits. I don't know if this is normal... I am thinking not. For now, I am just monitoring the amount of food she is eating. Not sure if this is adoption related or just age or what. She loves food. She can't stand to see someone eating or drinking ANYTHING in front of her. It doesn't matter if she just ate or if she has a different food in front of her. She wants all the food. That means at dinner time she wants whatever is on the table... even stuff she can't have. She could have a tray full of food and you could be across the room and pull out a cracker... she will want it and scream.

* This morning she while eating breakfast she burped loudly. Well, the boys started cracking up so guess what happened.... she started fake burping and then laughing. Oh boy. It actually was pretty funny... but I hope it doesn't become one of her new tricks to get people to laugh.

Time is flying by. I can't believe how much she has changed since we brought her home. Ron and I were just looking at pictures the other night from the night we arrived home. She is so small. I'm trying to enjoy every moment because it does go by so fast.


Elizabeth Frick said...

What a great photo! I love her bright shirt :)

Anonymous said...

Love all the Eden stories...you must know by now, we are just crazy about her.

Debbie Sauer said...

She is just precious. I love seeing pictures of her. Blessings.

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

That was beautiful. Love the updates. I am so happy for you guys. I've been away for awhile and missed so much of my blogs. Looking at the posts before, you guys are a beautiful family. We are so blessed, most of us who were waiting.
Violet / Piper ;)