Tuesday, April 20

Eden's Birthday Party In New York

Ron's parents had a birthday party for Eden while we were visiting in New York. It was so nice to see everyone and finally introduce Eden. She loved all of the attention... and boy did she get it! She had a great time outside finding Easter eggs with her brothers and cousins.

Ron's mom had this beautiful cake made. I had sent thank you cards with this same image when we first arrived home. Ron's mom knew how much I loved it and surprised us with the cake! You can see the card sitting above the cake.

We had such a great time and look forward to another trip this summer.

We drove home the next day which took about 10 hours or so. Eden screamed her eardrum shattering scream a good portion of the way. It was pretty insane.


Elizabeth Frick said...

Man, she is a cutie! And that cake??? Awesome.

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! What a cake!!! And I love her sweet dress with that headband! And her birthday hat! Sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

Just adorable...dress, cake, picture with the boys - love it!

Kari said...

She just couldn't be any cuter!