Monday, August 3

Our I171H Is In Seoul

We received word today that our government has forwarded our I171H to Seoul, Korea. Loved getting that in the mail! Things are moving along.

Of course, upon further inspection I noticed that they had not one, not two, but three dates listed incorrectly on our updated copy. They shorted us about 50 days on our expiration date and stated that Ron's fingerprints had expired last month. So frustrating. Thankfully I have a copy of the original with the correct dates and our agency is going to take care of this mess for us. Gotta love it!!!!


Jay and Emily said...

So exciting and also so stressfull. Thanks for keeping us posted and I pray that all the dating works out. Can't wait for the next update - I pray it is a post of our sweet girl!!!!!

Lynn said...

That sounds about right... after all it is the Detroit office... when are we moving?

Anonymous said...

Always a storm before the calm....I pray this is it - so exciting!