Thursday, August 20

Room Update

Eden's room is coming along. I LOVE it!!!!! Tomorrow I am picking up her bedding and crib!!!!

Her changing table.

This is our old TV cabinet. I took the doors off and painted it pink and blue. I will be using it as shelving to display her doll collection. The white piece was yellow and used to sit at the landing upstairs.

I just can't believe how amazing the walls turned out. This is my favorite room in the house!!!!!!

I have had such a great time painting with my dad! I am so proud of what we did!!! We think we should go into business. T & A Painting (our initials).... I think we would get lots of jobs with that name!!! :)


Lynn said...

It looks just heavenly!!! I can't wait to see the crib all set up in there!! You are so ready for referral now! You and your dad look so adorable in that picture!

Anonymous said...

Wow. So cute. Eden is going to love it. I'll hire you to do my girls rooms anytime.

Love Audrey

Jay and Emily said...

It is beautiful and even more beautiful in person. All the love that went into that room, Eden is sure to feel. I have already hired Dad so, if you need some more painting/decorating work, come on over. I think T and A painting would get a lot of attention. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

I love Eden's room...such love and care went into this beautiful space. You will always remember the time you spent painting with your dad...good memories.

Just so you know...I was the first A in T&A.

Unknown said...

Wow Amiee, you are so crafty! I love it and can't wait to see it. We will hire T&A to come paint our new place!!

Anonymous said...

PS. Last Photo by Luca. What a guy !