Monday, July 27

Our summer has been great despite the mediocre weather we have had. Hard to believe we have just a month left. Always goes by too quickly. However, this is the first year that going back to school won't hurt quite so badly. There are just waaaaayyy to many good things happening this fall. My sister will be having her baby, Lynn will be bringing home Hope, and... oh yeah.... WE WILL FINALLY BE SEEING OUR DAUGHTERS FACE. We were told no longer than six months until we receive a referral. Tomorrow will be exactly two months since our paperwork was sent to Korea. Sooooo I expect to see her face sometime within the next four months. I have been so blessed with the timing of this wait. Summer and fall just always seem to fly by. Summer with it's warm days and our freedom from work/school, play dates, camps, appointments, summer projects... all keep us on our toes! Then, it's back to school with the excitement and sometimes overwhelming feeling of not enough hours in the day. The first couple of months and the last couple of months of school are always the busiest for me. Before I know it, it will be October with trips to the cider mill, Halloween, and the birth of Mia/Claire/Lucciana. If we have not received a referral by then, well I know it will be close. November will be six months. Just in time for Thanksgiving.

I find myself constantly putting time into the context of my wait. How many more hair appointments, dental checkups, monthly volunteer days.... how much farther will I be when the milk expires, the dog gets groomed, the flowers get fertilized. It is sick.

This wait is different from the China wait in that the program is so much smaller that I rarely hear when people get referrals. There are tons of China adoption online forums that are really active. I could log on every day and there would be something new. With some of the Korean forums it can be weeks until someone posts something.

To keep busy I have begun a HUGE project. I (with the help of my awesome mom) moved everything out of our playroom upstairs and moved Adrian into it. Then, Luca moved into Adrian's old bedroom. I have to say that the rooms look really cute! My dad is here right now painting Eden's bedroom and... shocker.... it's NOT pink!!!!!!!!!! Gasp! Can't believe it myself!!!!!!!! More on her room to come.

In just an hour I am taking the boys to meet their friends for open skating, then Luca has a doctor appointment, Adrian has a hockey camp, Luca has skating lessons at 5:15, then both have vacation bible school this evening. Like I said, summer is busy and flies by in a wink... and this year... I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

November will be here before you know it.

We can't wait to follow along on your journey.

Anonymous said...

I could read your blog over and over - just sheer love in each word. Yes, it moving fast and all these extra activities will help the time go by much faster. Hang in there - we know how you feel - Eden is just a few more prayers away.

Jay and Emily said...

We too are on pins and needles waiting for Eden's pic and referral. We can't wait and yes, you are right that this fall will bring so many blessings! I can't even tell you how happy I am that our little girl will have a cousin, close in age, another girl to be sisters with. We are going to have so much fun. Keep counting down the days and I will be counting with you. Just as I am excited for my little one - there is a part of me that will enjoy it all the more when we can share it with you. Our baby girls are coming!!

Jay and Emily said...

Everything looks great for Eden's room. Can't wait to meet her! Who's Lucianna? We are waiting for Arianna (I'm working on Em) or Mia or Claire or still maybe Marin (I'm not letting go just yet.) Can't wait - Jay