Sunday, February 3

Referrals, Storms, and Half The Sky

Referrals are arriving. CCAA has completed 8 days this month... so we believe. The CCAA website that all waiting parents could view stopped posting the cut off dates for referrals and dates stating which LIDs made it through review. All waiting families are now relying on agencies to stay informed. My agency has not officially announced the 8 days but other agencies have.

I am not going to comment on the size of the batch this month because there are bigger issues at hand. Some parts of China are seeing the worst weather in 50 years. There are areas without power or incoming food. Many of these cities include orphanages. There is a very well known charity that is keeping people up to date on the situation of these orphanages as well as donating as much as possible.

I can't imagine receiving a referral and knowing/not knowing if my child is at one of these orphanages... without heat, without food, without diapers, without hot water.

If you would like to read more or MAKE A DONATION to help these children please visit

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