Monday, February 11

Chinese New Year Party

Last night we had our third annual Chinese New Year party. My mom and dad go all out with the decorations and food. It is so neat to walk down into their basement and see it filled with bright reds and golds. This year we had a chicken stir fry with Chinese vegetables and wanton soup. The boys brought over oranges and an eight candy tray. The boys had a blast and especially got a kick out of the red envelopes and fortune cookies.

The highlight of my night.... My mom had a black wig and we were all trying it on and laughing at each other. When my mom put the wig on Luca said... "you look just like Eden." Wow. My mom has darker features and does look a little bit asian to begin with. What I thought was so cool was that Luca has a mental picture of what our Eden looks like. He is only 3 and although we try to explain as much as we can about where Eden is and how he will be getting a sister... I am unsure as to how much he understands. At that moment I knew that his sister is real to him and he has formulated some kind of image as to what she will look like.


Anonymous said...

It was a joy to celebrate Chinese New Year with you. I pray that in the near future Eden will be sitting at our table.

TeTe said...

We had a wonderful time. We can't wait until Eden is there will us. I hope that when she is older she will see how much we loved her even before she was home with us. I am sure she will laugh at us as well.

Love you - E

FHL said...

What a wonderful party! It appears your children have a very special Grandmother :-)