Tuesday, June 2

Could be sooner than we think!!!!

Oh my gosh. I have been so apprehensive to actually believe that we will receive a referral any earlier than six months from now. I guess after the whole China experience I am a little jaded. However, I have heard from three people adopting through our agency who have received referrals VERY quickly. One was a three month wait, one was six weeks, and one family received a referral TWO WEEKS after their home study was mailed. I will do a post about how the Korean process works and how babies are matched with families when I have more time. It is very different than China. Anyway, all I know is that I will be wearing my cell phone like glue now!!!!!!!!


Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

Wow! That would be amazing, wouldn't it? How soon after a referral is made would you travel?

We can't wait to see your post about how the process in Korea works. Is there a stay in Korea like there is the two-week stay in China? We have so many questions. LOL

And, we are so excited for you.

Kevin and Violet

Lynn said...

Girl.... you better get your nursery ready!

Anonymous said...

Good thing you will be out of school next week - you will need to speed things up at home. We are so very happy for you (and me).

Jay and Emily said...

Wow. Best news ever!!!! I have a feeling you will be very busy for the next few months. I can't wait to see her room and of course, meet her. Keep us posted!!!

FHL said...

How exciting!!! We looked at Korea and it wasn't possible with my husband's job (military and weren't able to ensure we'd stay in state long enough...) but we were both very impressed with their program! One of my friends here adopted from Korea and a healthier, happier baby may be hard to find! He was obviously loved on a whole lot and is adorable!

Hoping you are matched with miraculous speed!