Saturday, November 22

little angel

I have not purchased anything for Eden in quite a while. I used to buy her all kind of things. It used to be fun. Now it just feels empty. Piles of cute pink clothes, dolls, shoes... all tucked away in a closet upstairs. However, today I just couldn't resist this sweet book for my little angel....

little angel
by Sandra Magsamen

You are a blessing and a gift to me.

An angel is what you are and what I see.

I waited for you for so very long

to hum you a lullaby and sing you a song.

I have loved you right from the start.

I believe you have always been here in my heart.

You are perfect just as you are.

You are a precious shining star.

Yes, you are an angel sent from above.

A miracle to hug and forever love.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes all we need is a little "angel" to keep our hope alive.

Jay and Emily said...

I miss shopping for Eden. I understand how hard this wait must be but talking about her and shopping and looking at her things makes me feel closer to her.

I loved the book. It was the perfect thing to buy!!

Lynn said...

Understanding... praying for a solution.