Sunday, November 9

Halloween 2008

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It is the only holiday that we celebrate at my house. I love having everyone over! This year's Halloween party almost didn't happen though due to a horrible stomach bug. Christmas (twice), Easter... and now Halloween can be added to our list of holidays spent in the bathroom. Adrian came down with it first and then a few days later Ron did. This was just four days before Halloween. I was so afraid that Luca and I were going to get it that we spent the next two days and nights at my mom's house! Unfortunately Ron missed our whole pumpkin patch trip as well as carving, but at least he was healthy enough to trick or treat with us on Halloween night. And what a night it was! Luca and I were spared the horrible bug... a first! The weather couldn't have been nicer!!!! The kids were soooo cute and had such a great time. Carson told me that it was, "the best party ever!" Luca had us cracking up trick or treating. Seriously, he was so funny we could barely stand it. It only took him about three houses to figure out that the candy he was getting he couldn't eat due to his food allergies. Soooo, he started telling people "I gotta have gluten three!" Another house we heard him shout... "I can't have pretzels, I gotta have gluten three!" He wasn't saying it in a mean way, but in a self preservation type way. "I gotta have Skittles!" was another one he was telling people. I loved confused look people would get when he would tell them. It was so funny. We all came back to my house and hung our for a while... so nice it was on a Friday!!!! The boys got into their candy a little bit but haven't touched it much since. Adrian ended up giving most of it away at school as a donation to the soldiers overseas.

Ron was too sick to attend Luca's field trip... so it was Papa Tom to the rescue! Luca and Papa went to the farm with Luca's class. He loved the cows!!!!

We had a great time picking and carving our pumpkins with Nonna and Papa!

Luca wanted a "happy" pumpkin face. Adrian wanted something a bit more technical. He wanted a Jack Skellington face. Papa Tom got into it!!! He drilled little holes in and laced up the mouth.... it looked awesome!


Trick or Treating!

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Anonymous said...

We (also) had a great time. Thank you for hosting the big day! We loved having you and the boys over - seemed like old times.