Sunday, September 28

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been kinda crazy around here. Hockey season has started again, we joined a new church and are attending some small weekly group sessions, I started some new aerobic classes and we have been busy cleaning up a very flooded basement. Thanks Ike. One thing is for sure... it's never boring around here.

Adrian's team played their first game of the season last night. They won and Adrian scored. We have been having a great time socializing with the parents and the kids look like they are having a blast together. So far, we are off to a great season!

Luca is doing great. This is the toughest time of year for him as far as his allergies and asthma. We have been told and have read that we may see a big improvement this year now that we are aware of his food allergies. I already see an improvement. He is usually sick by the first week of school. So far, so good.

We had our fingerprint appointment with USCIS last Friday. We should be receiving our new I171H within the next couple of months. After we receive that we will be set for another 18 months of waiting before needing to redo our paperwork again... and yes, we will need to redo our paperwork again.

Have to run! Want to take advantage of this nice weather before it's gone!!!!!

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