Saturday, August 23

Diet Update

Luca's gluten, casein, and egg free diet has been going very well... much better than I had anticipated. He has been great about trying new versions of his old favorites. He really likes tofu cheese, rice and soy pizza, and rice milk. He is great about asking if he can eat something before just grabbing it and taking a bite. He announced to my mom that he is "allergic to food" which I thought was so funny and sad at the same time. Sometimes it really must feel like he is allergic to food. A couple of other funnies...

"Am I allergic of this?" This is what he asks me before eating.

"Is it gluten three?" Meaning gluten FREE.

We went to Cold Stone Creamery. I brought along some Rice Dream ice cream for Luca and allergy free chocolate chips. I talked to one of the girls behind the counter and told her that my son has food allergies. I asked if she would mind scooping and mixing the ice cream and chips I brought. They couldn't have been nicer! He got to go in and order his ice cream and eat it just like he always does.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Luca is great about asking first. He did have a sad moment when he asked me for, "chocolate smores". I told him, no but I would check into it. My sweet boy has a good nature about the whole thing.

Jay and Emily said...

Good for you Luca! He is so grown up and trying so hard to be a big boy. Great to know about Cold Stone. We will have to try that for Carson.

Great job, mom and dad. You are great parents and I know that you will find all sorts of fun things for Luca to eat.