Tuesday, September 4


Adrian is my eight year old wonderful son. He is talented, very bright, funny, BEAUTIFUL, kind, loving, and has the biggest heart. I love just being with him. He is sitting on my lap right now reading this as I type. I love feeling his soft curly hair on my cheek as I am typing. Upon reading that last line he turned and smiled at me then rubbed his cheek on my face. "Ok, don't get too fancy mommy!" Now he is mad. Back to compliments... Words can't express how much I love him and the amount of joy he has brought to my life. Here are some of the things I love about him...

I just deleted what I wrote. I am afraid some weirdo may have too much personal information on my kid along with pictures and I don't feel safe posting it. I feel bad because there are so many wonderful things I wanted to tell about him. I had a big long post about Luca and I really wanted to have one for Adrian too. He will be disappointed. I will have to think of something else.

At least you can enjoy the pictures and I will say that... Adrian is more amazing than I could have ever imagined. He fills my heart with such awe and love. How did I ever get so lucky?


Anonymous said...

I miss my darling, Adrian. Take it from his, nonna - every word is TRUE.

Lynn said...

You are a very lucky Mama! He is such an wonderful boy! He's lucky to have you too!