Saturday, July 19

Yesterday's Conversation

Here is a little excerpt from a conversation Luca and I had on our way home from the mall yesterday....

Luca is singing the "Yoda" song by Weird Al when he suddenly stops.

Luca... "Mommy, where did you buy me and Adrian?"
Me.... "I didn't buy you. You grew in my belly,"
Luca.... "What did you eat?"
Me.... "I didn't eat anything to make you grow in there."
Luca... "Then how did I get in your belly?"
Me...... "God put you in my belly."
Luca... "Who is God?"

I then went on to talk about why we go to church and who we talk to when we say our prayers. I then started singing the Yoda song and thankfully he joined in.


Anonymous said...

I love this little conversation, it is sweet to the core. Luca is a gift from God - pure and perfect!

Jay and Emily said...

I loved this too. Such a deep little thinker. Makes me realize just how enlightened a four year old can be. I also love how simple it all is, very trusting and innocent. Funny how the shortest converstaions can have the greatest impact.

He truly is a gift from God. He has the eyes of an angel.