Tuesday, November 6

Referrals Are In

China referred 8 days this month. That is the most amount of days they have referred since we logged in in April... and not by much. So very very sad. There are now 494 days in front of us in line waiting for a referral. At this rate it will be another 5 years before we see our daughter's face. Ron and I realized that there is a chance we will have one child starting college and one starting Kindergarten the same year. My heart is breaking.


Anonymous said...

What can I say? I'm sorry you feel so sad - it breaks my heart. Keep the faith....Nonna

Kevin, Jake and Violet said...

Hang in there. You never know what will change, and in the end, everyone says the wait is worth it because your daughter will be perfect.
It's so easy to get down, but keep your eye on the prize (how's that for a cliche!)